2 Responses to “WordPress password reset doesn’t work”

  1. ench0 says:

    .. btw it seems that logging into WP from the wp-admin URL does not work anymore.. or perhaps it does not work after the password-reset… so just use wp-login instead from now on

  2. Crys says:

    It didn’t work. I’m still locked out. I need help. I can’t reset my password, and so my hoster reset it for me. But it won’t recognize the password change.

    The people at wordpress.org are useless. They’re not even reading what I’m writing, and they’re sending standard stuff that isn’t what I’m dealing with. And they’re not even looking at the programming to see what’s wrong.

    They’re wasting time I don’t have, as the launch date for my website is literally in less than a week, and I still have things to do.


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